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Import and export cosmetics to Japan.

Importing cosmetics into Japan became easier with our free consultation. Know the regulations, the necessary documents, and more. Export Japanese cosmetics for your company with Lénuve as an intermediary. We offer English and Spanish language support, helping you contact other Japanese companies.

  • OEM
    Create and promote your original cosmetic product. We guide you through all the processes offering well-known Japanese quality.
  • Agency
    Interested in expanding your brand? Share with us your goals and questions about how tointroduce your products to Japan.
  • Private Label
    Japanese-made cosmetics products for private label. Lénuve cosmetics products are designed for our customers outside Japan. From the fragrance to the package, we look forward to sharing the Japanese omotenashi. Feel free to ask for samples of our products.


private label




We are grateful to say that we have the contact you need. We also work as an intermediary agency (Jap-Eng-Spa), giving support through all the processes.

We are here to help you with any questions about how things work in Japan.

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Promote your cosmetics in Japan. We will find the opportunities for your products in suitable stores. Let’s talk about your brand.

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Talk with us about your products. Learn how to export products to Japan and meet the selling points suitable for your products. Import Japanese cosmetics for private label or co-packing agreements. 

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We take care of transportation logistics inside Japan. We aim to deliver your products anywhere inside Japan.

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